Well, it’s actually a love/hate relationship.

What do we love? That they are there to help so many of our customers who have such a difficult time making time to get their oil changed. Let’s face it, they are FAST! They are also cheap! That is, as long as you have the strength to say “No, thanks” to all of their upsell tactics.

What is the hate part? They don’t make ANY money on an oil change. That means they have to use the least expensive products they can purchase, and they have to put everyone on a commissioned sales program of one sort or another. If they don’t sell you something more, no one is making any money. This unfortunately leads to very high temptations to sell things unnecessarily, and/or to sell services that never get performed as is evidenced by the many, many news exposes, undercover stings and lawsuits that have been brought against them.

My recommendation is use them if you need them, but remember Nancy Reagan and “Just say NO!” to any upsell tactics. Call us with their recommendations so we can review and advise if necessary. Do this as aften as needed, but once a year skip them and leave your car with us for the day so we can give an honest once over and plan the next years maintenance needs.

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