If you are looking to drop your car off after-hours, here is how to go about it.

WHERE TO PARK: Our lot is gated and locked after hours, you will need to park on the street in front of, or close by, the shop. Please make note of your license number to enter on the key envelope. Please do not park in front of the gate! Other businesses might need access and they won’t have the ability to retrieve your keys to move your car!

WHERE TO PUT YOUR KEYS:  As you approach the gate you will see a small patio area on your left. There you will fine Aamco Transmission’s front door. Hanging next to the door are key drop envelopes. Please fill this out making sure you enter your name, phone number and license number at the very least. Place your keys inside and drop it into Aamco’s mail slot though the door. Don’t worry that it’s going into Aamco office, we have an agreement to share this, your keys will be safe.

FINALLY: It’s always a good idea to call and leave a message to let us know the keys have been placed so we can respond most quickly. Also share anything else you think is important such as where the car is parked, what you need to have done, and confirm your contact information.

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