One of the most frustrating experiences you might ever have is buying a new car. You might say to yourself, “I already know exactly what I want. I’ll drop in and be out in two hours max!” Many of my friends, customers, and even myself have entered a new car dealer thinking the same thing. Eight hours later, hungry, tired, frustrated, you are finally leaving the dealership with your new car bewildered, wondering if you got the best deal after all, or if it was even worth it.

Enter the Automobile Broker. This a company that can buy and sell most any make and model vehicle. They typically have a small staff, a small office, and no car inventory, all saving a huge amount of overhead and operating expenses. Here, you can be in and out with your new car in often less than an hour! Still plenty of time to take your new car out for that Sunday drive you’ve been so looking forward to!

Here’s the way it works;

You do all your research to find exactly the car you want. You go to the dealerships and go for test drives, pick up brochures, walk around the lot, tell the sales staff you are just looking for now, you are not quite ready for the purchase. It’s kinda fun to watch all the sales-sharks circle when you arrive, then leave them unfed. Beware, they will offer you the moon to try and get you to begin negotiations, don’t fall for it!

Once you know exactly the car you want, the colors, the radio system, the wheels, everything, give your Auto Broker a call and tell him what you are after. He will log into the Manufacturer’s website and locate your exact car anywhere in North America. It might be in Ontario Canada, or on the lot of the dealer you just left.

He will give you a great deal financially as he needs far less markup than a dealership does, and can offer all the manufacturers discounts, rebates, financing options, just as if he was an actual dealership (which technically, he is!).

He will order your car through the manufacturer (who still technically ‘owns’ that car), they will pick it up and have it shipped to your closest dealership, or the broker’s office where it will wait for you.

All you have to do is drop by the broker’s office, sign the paperwork which has already been completed, fill out your check and pick up your car! I did this once and was out in 20 minutes, driving my brand new car, and saved over $1,000!

There are many brokers available, just do a search on Yelp, or you can use my favorite (voted best new car purchase experience in the San Diego Reader’s poll several years running):

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